Please note that there are many allowances that we don’t have to declare as part of our income. Among them are;

(Since 2003 – the full list can be read here)
1. Imbuhan Tetap Perumahan (ITP)/Elaun Perumahan Wilayah (EPW)
2. Imbuhan Tetap Perumahan Khas (ITP Khas);
3. Elaun Bekalan Elektrik Dan Air Percuma (given to Jusa A or higher like for Prof. Dato’ Dr. Lokman Saim, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Rahman Jamal & Prof. Dato’ Dr. Wan Zurinah)
4. Imbuhan Tetap Khidmat Awam (ITKA);
5. Kemudahan Telefon Bimbit (given to DU54 and above)

(Since 2005 – there are 2 letters on that, version 25th July 2005 and 17th April 2006)
1. Bayaran Insentif Pakar
2. Elaun Kerja Luar Waktu Biasa