I was asked by the PPUKM management council to explain about SPPU to representatives from all departments of PPUKM on Monday 28th. February 2011. This post is a summary of that briefing.

SPPU stands for “Sistem Penilaian Prestasi Universiti” and it replaced the SMPK (Sistem Maklumat Penilaian Kakitangan) as of two years ago. Although we are using it for the second time this year, most of us still get poor assessment marks despite being a superhuman at work, which is very unfair. Many complained of receiving poor marks for “Pengajaran”. This post will partly explain why that happened. 

For SPPU-Pengajaran, most of the marks are fed from other internal UKM systems. They are;

SPPU marks is dependent on the input of SMPWeb, SPPK & SPIN

SMPWeb is where all the information of course co-ordinators, lecturers and students are entered. For PPUKM, undergrad courses is entered by Encik Mohd Azmi Kasim, for postgrad courses by Encik Munzir Zainudin.

SPPK will take all of the above information from SMPWeb. Those listed as students in the respective course will be able to evaluate the performance of the lecturers listed based on a standard set of questions. The marks given by the students will determine the SPPU marks of the respective lecturer under section E2 of the SPPU.

SPIN will also take all of the necessary information from SMPWeb and create e-learning courses for every courses listed in the SMPWeb. The courses will only be listed in SPIN if the SMPWeb has information about the course co-ordinator. Those utilising SPIN in teaching can get extra marks under section E1 part D of the SPPU. In 2010, only the following courses were utilising SPIN;

Only those teaching in the above courses can claim SPPU marks for using SPIN

Based on the above introduction, the most important aspect of getting a fair assessment for SPPU is accurate entry of information in the SMPWeb. So all lecturers must regularly log in to SMPWeb to make sure that all their courses and students are listed.


Log in using your eWarga username (i.e. K007470) and password (i.e. 999999)

The URL for SMPWeb is http://www.ukm.my/smpweb/
The username and password for SMPWeb is the same as for eWarga. Your computer must have Java installed to view the content of this website.

Make sure all your courses and students are listed every semester

Only 27 out of 57 students listed in SMPWeb

Even for my own courses in last semester, not all the students were listed. For example, out of 57 students taking the final examination for FK6163 Basic Statistics, only 27 were initially listed in the system. All 27 were SSKM students. None of the SKSP, SSP and SPM students were entered into the system. Despite giving early feedback, this situation was never rectified.

If your courses or students are not listed, please inform the respective system administrator and pray that they will respond to your request since it will affect your SPPU marks. For undergrad it is ENCIK MOHD MAHYUDDIN BIN DARUS (updated Nov 2014), for postgrad it is ENCIK MOHD MARZUKI BIN ABDUL RASHID (updated Nov 2014). Feedback must be made as early as possible, before the students start using the SPPK to evaluate the respective lecturers.


The SPPK marks determine your SPPU-E2 marks. The marks are given by the students attending your courses. To check your marks, please visit the SPPK website.

The URL for SPPK is http://www.ukm.my/sppk/
The username and password for SPPK is the same as for eWarga.

Click on "Profil Pensyarah","Laporan SPPK" & "Analisa Set Kursus"

Type in the semester and year of academic session

Select the course of interest

At the bottom is the average marks given by the students on the lecturer's teaching

The marks given by the students are based on the following standard questions;

Standard questions answered by the students

You must get marks above 4 out of 5 to pass your SPPU (Pengajaran). So emphasise that to your students (undergrad & postgrad) at the end of the semester, before they evaluate you.

You can also check out the students’ comments about your teaching method by clicking on “Ulasan”.

Comments made by the students


Those using SPIN as part of their teaching methods will get marks under E1 Part D of the SPPU.

The URL for SPIN is http://spin.medic.ukm.my/

(NOV 2014 Update – SPIN has been phased out. Now we use iFolio)

The username and password for SPIN is NOT THE SAME as for eWarga. Just click on “Pengguna Baru” & “Pengajar” to get your password emailed to you. More information available at this URL.

For first time users, please click on "Pengguna Baru", "Pengajar".

The list of courses is dependent on the input at SMPWeb


The URL for SPPU is http://www.ukm.my/sppu/
The username and password for SPPU is the same as for eWarga.

Select "Profil Individu" and "Pendidikan"

Only fill up part A, B & D. Part C is taken from SMPU & e-Repository

Click on "Tambah" and select courses that you received high marks in SPPK

For “Kualiti Pengajaran” @ E2, only select courses that students gave you marks above 4. This will help you to get good marks for “markah kendiri” SPPU.

Upload the required files and tick part C

E3 is something negotiated with Penilai Pertama & Penilai Kedua

Press on "markah kendiri" . Only "peraku" if you're happy with the marks.

To ensure that you would be fairly assessed by SPPU, you need to regularly check the SMPWeb and SPPK. Using SPIN will add some marks for SPPU.

Associate Professor Dr Azmi Mohd Tamil
Penyelaras SPIN bukan SPPU 😉