UKM has 700 Camtasia Studio licenses for UKM lecturers. So interested UKM lecturers can install the software on their respective notebook. The license is worth USD300 (RM970) each so please don’t let this chance slip away. We will use it at our one-day course next Monday. So please install the evaluation version (Windows/Mac) before coming to class. We will enter the license into your respective notebook on Monday.

Please visit this LINK and download the software. It is 245MB in size so please download it using a fast internet line. Even with my 5MB UNIFI line, it took 10 minutes. So please do it earlier before coming to class.

You can watch the video below on how to install it.

Please execute the downloaded file and Camtasia Studio 8 will be installed. You will see this splash screen. Click “Next”.

Click on “Accept…..” and then “Next”.

Select “Free Trial” and then click “Next” again twice.

Enable “Add-in for Powerpoint” and then click “Next” twice and the installation will start.

Now you’re DONE!