1. Welcome iFolio, Bye-bye SPIN
2. New User Registration
3. Uploading The Course Outline
4. Blended e-Learning

Web 2.0
1. Outline
2. Example of Web 2.0 Implementation For a Medical Course
3. Installing Camtasia Studio

1. Integration of SMPWeb,SPPK, iFolio & SPPU – How it affects your SPPU marks
2. Pengesahan Wajaran SKT 2010
3. Accessing the SPPK report
4. MyGrants (Research Grant Application)

Incentives for Medical Lecturers
1. Time-based promotion
2. Medical Lecturer Allowance
3. Tax-Exemptions

Assessment of Examination Questions
1. Difficulty Index, Discrimination Index and Reliability in UKM OMR Report
2. Calculating Difficulty Index, Discrimination Index, Reliability & SEM
3. Implication of a Large Failure Rate.
4. Matching the Right Questions to the Right Students.
5. Avoiding Copy Paste Errors While Merging Marks.

1. Lokasi AES
2. PPUKM Gates Location
3. Hofstee Standard Setting
4. Why was this page created?

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