UKM has a KPI for almost everything, from teaching to publications. There are two KPI’s for the usage of iFolio;

  • with Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE), KPI with a target of 30% of the courses “blended” each semester. Blended courses are those with the course outline, 7 course materials, 3 discussions and 2 assignments posted on iFolio. We have achieved this only once, for Semester 1 Session 2014/15.
  • with Pusat Jaminan Kualiti UKM (PJK UKM), 100% of the courses must have their course outline uploaded on the iFolio. It is a proxy indicator for “executing the education programme in line with the faculty teaching plans“. Personally I don’t see how those two items are related. The audit is done at the end of every semester. The most recent one was done in February 2016 for Semester 2 2014/2015.

Sad to say, PPUKM did not achieve the KPI for post-graduate courses as required by the PJK UKM. So the affected e-learning facilitators became the convenient scapegoats and received the following letters.

Semester 2 Sesi 2014/2015

Semester 2 Sesi 2014/2015

This is absurd since we the e-learning facilitators, did our part by “blending” all our courses. I even blended the courses which did not belong to me, but which I have access to since I was one of the involved lecturers. But it is we the facilitators who have to answer why the recalcitrant lecturers did not do their part.

To help the lecturers fulfill the minimum requirement of uploading the course outline, I came out with the following guide at;

So I hope all module heads will help me by uploading their course outline on their iFolio courses. We have 8 more weeks for this semester, let us get it done as soon as possible. The full list of courses which have yet to upload their course outline can be viewed here;

For those having problem uploading their course outline, kindly contact me at drtamil@

Thank you for you kind attention.

Yours sincerely,

Azmi Mohd Tamil
e-Learning Facilitator PPUKM